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OurSong Fulfills NFT Collectors' Intention to Explore Various Items While Presenting Balanced Yet Highly Relevant Recommendation Suggestions

OurSong is a blockchain-based NFT community platform where anyone can create and sell digital collectible NFTs and build a community to interact with collectors on an ongoing basis.
OurSong implemented KKLab’s recommendation service - Recommend HQ, since 2021 and successfully addressed NFT collectors’ intent to explore with varied yet relevant recommendations.


OURSONG'S Recommendation Challenges


There are usually several sub-items under one NFT series. How to generate a variety of suggestions to fulfill NFT collectors’ need to explore?

NFTs usually come with a series of similar items, which makes it challenging for recommendation engines to fulfill users’ needs as the items in the same series will be recommended repeatedly, causing unsatisfying user experience.

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How to effectively make recommendations when both users and items are highly diverse?

There are diverse user groups on NFT marketplace: collectors with specific interests, or traders looking for the most trendy NFTs to make a quick buck. It can be irrelevant for the users if a recommendation engine only has algorithms based on historical data or user behavior. For example, a music NFT collector may not be interested if he/she is recommended trending yet non-music-related NFTs.

What's Recommend HQ Solutions


Effective & Precise Algorithm

Recommend HQ has a variety of algorithms to achieve different business objectives, such as collaborative filtering, which analyzes user behaviors and recommends the most relevant items to individual users.


AI-based User Cluster

Recommend HQ analyzes user and event data and forms new user clusters. Through these clusters, we identify potential hidden segments through additional dimensions and is able to customize unique experiences for them.

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