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Significantly Reduce The Cost of Manual Labeling by Editors, While Improving the Precision of User Content Exploration 

The recommendation system provided Suggested video, Watch more, The latest, People also watch, Speakers suggested, Suggested channels...



Good TV is the first Christian non-profit TV channel in the global Mandarin language market. To offer a superior content exploring experience for its users, Good TV+ collaborates with KKLab to upgrade the original video platform by incorporating a powerful AI recommendation engine. This channel has produced many exciting shows for Christian users. To provide VOD (Video on Demand), Good TV+ also offers convenient video exploration features, allowing their audience to explore platform content in a quicker and deeper way.


GOOD TV+’s Recommendation Challenges

Each video on GOOD TV+ has theme tags attached, such as "music, spiritual cultivation, gospel testimony, family, children", providing users with further exploration. However, manual editing can be time-consuming, subjective, and lacks a detailed classification of themes. For example, the tag "family" can be extended to "marital relationships, parent-child relationships, in-law relationships", and so on. 

There are thousands of videos on GOOD TV+ but the space on the platform to display is rather limited, or users have to search for themselves. Moreover, users have different requirements and interests, which requires a video recommendation system to adapt to each person’s preferences. It has been the greatest challenge for GOOD TV+ to tackle user experience of exploring videos.


How to increase operational efficiency when manual labeling is time-consuming and laborious?

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How to optimize user exploring experience when there’s a wide range of topics covered in the video?

What's Recommend HQ Solutions


Superior Machine Learning Algorithms

Utilizing AI to generate personalized recommendations based on semantics and user clicks, performing the most optimal adaptation among various recommendation algorithms.


AI Mandarin Semantic Cognition

Through AI's NLU (Natural Language Understanding) algorithms, it can define the semantics and concepts in each video; then make content-related recommendations based on these semantic concepts.

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