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Transform Your Industry with AI-Powered Recommendations: Unlock the Full Potential of Your Data by Features

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Recommended For You

Our recommendation system leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyze users' behavior and preferences, in order to deliver personalized recommendations that match their interests. Whether users are looking for the latest products, articles, or videos, our feature tailors its recommendations to each individual taste. With our personalized recommendations, users can discover new content that they are sure to love, save time, and enhance overall user experience.


New User Personalization

Our advanced recommendation feature provides personalized recommendations to new users when little data is available. With "New User Personalization", you can deliver a superior user experience that builds strong user relationships from day one.


Effortless Category Discovery

This feature prioritizes the content within users'preferred categories based on their preferences. By focusing on specific categories, users can easily discover and engage with relevant content, increasing their browsing time and overall satisfaction with the platform. With our "Effortless Category Discovery" feature, users no longer need to spend time searching or browsing through irrelevant content - we'll guide users to the most interesting and relevant content within their favorite categories.


Optimizing Search Results

Our recommendation system leverages advanced algorithms to enhance users' search experience. By analyzing users' search history and preferences, we can deliver highly relevant and personalized search results in real-time. With our feature, users can quickly find what they are looking for and discover new content that meets their interests. Our optimized search results increase efficiency, save time, and enhance the overall user experience.


Others Also Watched

"Others Also Watched" recommends popular content among users with similar preferences. By analyzing user behavior, the system suggests content likely to appeal to them, saving them time and effort while discovering new and interesting content.


Based on What You've Seen

This feature helps to analyze users browsing history and suggests items or content that are similar to what the individual has previously viewed. By understanding each one's interests and preferences, the system can make personalized recommendations that are tailored to an individual's specific tastes. This feature saves users' time and effort by presenting them with relevant items and content that they are more likely to enjoy.


Push Notification Recommendation

Based on the audience's reading preferences and interests, the audience can be pushed even when the audience hasn't opened the service's website/app, increasing audience revisit rates. Let the audience become your DAU (daily active users)!


Personalized EDM

Send content that the audience is interested in through "personalized EDM"; combine with email marketing to keep the audience in close contact with their favorite content!

個人化 EDM
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