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Driving Intelligent Business in the Secure Lane

In the fast-evolving tech landscape, integrating Generative AI into business processes and product offerings isn't just a trend—it's essential. However, concerns about AI accuracy and proprietary data ownership have prevented many enterprises from fully embracing it. To address this, offers innovative solutions


LLM API Meets Distilled Model: Intelligence Amplified, Data Protected

It allows businesses to utilize their private data as an external memory for LLMs, boosting response accuracy. Emphasizing data sovereignty, the solution allows distilled models to operate on each customer’s individual cloud, ensuring complete AI and data ownership


  • Long-Form QA: Intellectualize enterprise's knowledge bank

  • Generative Search: Humanize enterprise's search engine

  • Synthetic Data Creation: Augment enterprise's data

Recommend HQ

Blend Business Rules with Personalization

  • Post-Personalize Logic: Filter recommendations via API

  • Meta Augmentation: Synthesize data for rich training set

  • 100% Data Ownership: Bring-Your-Own-Account on AWS

Search HQ

Intellectualize Search Engine by LLM

Search HQ supercharges OpenSearch, MongoDB Atlas by generative search experience, data modernization and personalization.
Generative Search | Hybrid Search | Personalized ranking


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