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Full integration MarTech tools
Recommender systems that drive revenue growth

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Personalized recommendation system to play cross-marketing channel benefits

​ Promote the growth momentum of corporate marketing


Realize the co-construction of business strategies and personalized recommendations

Recommend HQ  as MarTech Strategy Center assists companies in realizing their business goals, and focuses on algorithm development and optimization to provide high-precision recommendation systems.

Recommend HQ Sorting out business needs such as marketing planning and revenue growth goals, through  AIDeploy the recommendation model to create a personalized recommendation system exclusive to the enterprise.

usNot only pursue the ultimate recommendation accuracy on the technical side, but also the enterpriseMarTechThe command center, which integrates business needs and recommends application functions, is the best driver for creating corporate revenue growth.

Optimal computational efficiency and world-class precision
Lower the threshold for enterprises to introduce recommendation systems

Recommend HQ  hosted by MicrosoftMINDIn the data set recommendation accuracy competition, only one-tenth of the computing performance is needed to provide the world's top ten recommendation accuracy, allowing enterprises to create personalized experiences through world-class recommendation systems without spending a lot of machine costs services​.


​AI recommendation engine for various industries


​content industry


E-commerce industry

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